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Come into my world, where your dreams can be realized and your soul can rest.

Imagine a door in the woods that seems to come out of no where.You open it and are instantly dropped down onto a comfy vibrant world full of warmth and love. Let me be your guide to this healing place, and discover things you never thought possible...

About Me

My name is Ashley and I am the Shamanic Practitioner of Sankofa Healing Sanctuary. For many years I felt the call to dive into my spirituality in a powerful way. I always had a fascination with religion, mythology and the mystical aspect of life.  I started reading tarot was in my teens and slowly made that into my first business, Dreadlock Tarot.


This was my first introduction to using my intuition and spiritual gifts to help others. In 2015 I heeded the call I received from Spirit to become a healer, so I then completed a 3 year apprenticeship to become a Shamanic practitioner. Through my Shamanic work combined with my nursing career, I added Death Midwifery to my practice. After this I rebranded and became Sankofa Healing Sanctuary.


My motto here is "Healing today for a better tomorrow". This is why I use the Akan symbol "Sankofa" which literally translates to "return and get it". My spiritual practice is one that based on truth, clarity and healing to get you back to a place of spiritual wellness.

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