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Shamanic Services

Shamanism has been a practice that has been around since humans have existed in every culture around the world. Shamanism are also known as medicine men/women, holy men/women and many other names. We use drumming, rattling, song and prayers to communicate with the spirit world and seek aid from the loving spirits. This is done for healing, divination, and self exploration. Shamanism (also called spirit doctoring) believes that physical, mental, or emotional illness often has a spiritual root. 

Shamanic practitioners refer to themselves as "hollow bones". This is because with the aid of spirit guides, power animals, ancestors, and many other helpful spirits, we act as a conduit to facilitate healing here in our earthly realm. As a shamanic practitioner, I have been through training with a teacher to learn how to develop a strong relationship with the spirit world filled with love, respect and trust. Shamanism is not a religion, it is a practice so it can be done with anyone of any faith. Here is a link to a fantastic explanation of Shamanism. Shamanism is not a replacement for traditional western medicine or psychotherapy, but rather an adjunct to it.

Shamanic Healing Ceremony
There are many things that can happen during a shamanic healing ceremony, such as:
-Power Animal Retrieval
-Extraction Healing
-Balancing One's Spirit
-Soul Retrieval
-Spirit Channeling
-Power Songs
-Shamanic Counseling
-Crystal Work
-Limpia Ceremony
-Rose Water and/or Florida Water
-Use of sacred herbs such as palo santo, copal, sage, etc.

Shamanic Healing Ceremony

One of the of the most important things to understand about shamanic healing is you need to want to be healed and you need to believe it can work for you for it to work. Shamanic healing can give you the tools to jump start change in your life, you just need to heed the call.

Shamanic healing is something that is great in conjunction with conventional medicine, but is not a replacement for it. I ask that clients not stop talking any prescription medications or any medical other treatments without consulting their physician, and to continue seeing their mental health practitioner if they are already seeing one.

House/Lamd Blessings and Clearings

As a Shamanic Practitioner I have the pleasure of working with Spirit to clear spaces such as homes and areas of land. If you are moving into a new space, feel that you need to clear out some old energies, please feel free to contact me so we can talk about your needs and I can tailor a ceremony specifically for your situation!

Ritual Writing

Are you looking to manifest something special but don't know where to start? Do you not know how to arrange your altar to get the results you want? I want to steer you in the right direction! Through shamanic journeying, research and communicating with your spirit team, I can help create a personalized ritual just for you.

Spiritual Assessment

What does spirit want you to know about your purpose? Have you ever wanted to know who your spiritual team included? Any gifts that you have that you have yet to uncover? I will give you a full report of who your primary animal guide is along with the other spirits that are most present in your life. I will include information about each spirit so you know some history about them and how to honor them.

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